Auto Insurance for Teens – How to Save Money

Many studies provide grim statistics about teenage drivers. According to the IIHS, 16-year-olds experience almost six times more accidents that drivers between the age of 30 and 59. Some auto insurance firms have used these statistics and raised premiums for this age group.

Fortunately, some auto insurance firms have hope for its young drivers in this age group. The firms may offer insurance premium discounts and help families reduce their costs. Normally, high risks drivers face paying more for their insurance. You should pay attention to how to reduce premiums. Review all of your insurance options and make comparisons.

Ten Suggestions for Lower Premiums and Fewer Teenager’s License Free Violations:

1. Prepare your teen for better driving – As a family, make sure that they know and study state-based driving laws. Teens who understand and respect the law reduce their chances of violations. Auto insurance firms pay attention to teen drivers who carry good driving records.

2. Be careful about your own driving practices – If you have a bad habit of yelling, speeding and tailgaiting, your teens are more likely to follow your behavior. Telling your teens about good behavior is not the same as practicing.

3. Add your teenager onto your auto insurance policy – If you set-up a different policy, you are not likely to get adequate discounts. With a family-based policy, you can experience greater policy discounts.

4. Check if your plan offer discounts for teens getting better grades in school – As a creative tip, learn the amount you can save if your insurer uses this option. Apply the difference in savings towards your teenager. Your teen becomes motivated and you have to pay lower premium amounts.

5. Have your teen enroll in driver education courses – These courses go over different topics, such as safety. Many insurers allow premium discounts because fewer teens experience accidents after the course. Make sure that you learn which schools are covered.

Car insurance for teen drivers

Yes, finding cheap auto insurance for teen drivers is possible

6. Avoid purchasing a sports car for your teenager – Fast cars can lead to fast temptation. Insurers may charge premium amounts, which you must pay. Purchase a less flashy car with a good safety record. Conduct through research before making the purchase.

7. Treat your teen with respect and obtain support – Teenagers can not assume what auto insurance costs. As a parent, sit down with your teenage and review ways to cut costs. You can share the savings as an incentive. For example, apply the saved money towards a fun family-filled vacation.

8. Watch out for teen drug and alcohol use – If your teen engages in risky behavior, an auto-related accident is likely to occur. Speak with your teenagers about the effects of drugs and alcohol. You want to reduce the possibility of a catastrophic accident.

9. Use traffic school as a way to beat teen tickets – Some communities allow for violation-reductions once teenagers complete school. However, every community is different about requirements. You need to check with the traffic court about your teen going to school.

10. Learn how your teenager drives and go along for a ride – A teenager who practiced good driving last year may have changed driving behavior. Offer to buy an outfit at the mall or go for a ride along a lake. Do not tell your teenager what you plan. Let it be a surprise. If you see any bad behavior, correct it.

Having full coverage auto insurance policy is recommended. More auto insurance firms are raising teen driving premiums. As a parent, you must be proactive about finding ways to lower your premiums. Follow the above steps and watch your savings grow. Moreover, you can keep your teenager safe on the road.