Do I need an agent to access different types of insurance?

In the past, you had to have an agent in order to purchase insurance. With the rising popularity of the internet and companies eagerness to take their services online, you can search and purchase insurance directly from the insurance companies. In fact, you no longer need an agent to get access to great insurance deals.

There are a lot of ways to buy insurance as well as different types of agents. Understanding the differences between each one is the best way to asses your need. Car insurance is vital for every car owner, so find the option that makes you feel secure will always be a good bet.

Agent Types

A captive agent is one who sticks with one main insurer. They work for the main company directly and not for themselves. They don’t earn a commission or have a reason to up sell you other than to provide good service.

Some of the most well know companies that have captive agents are Allstate, State Farm and Nationwide. These companies have call centers for round the clock services, but usually the agent will manage a client’s account.

A independent agent offer insurance from a variety of companies. While they may have a preferred agency, they are able to offer you polices from several in their network. These types do get a commission from each policy and the agent works for you instead of working for the company directly.

You are often able to find better rates from these agents as opposed to singular ones. Some insures who uses these type of agents are Hastings Mutual, Auto Owners and Citizens.

Using an agent, though unnecessary does offer some unique benefits. You can get highly personalized service from a real person. You should never underestimate the power of live help as opposed to simple automation. Another benefit is that an agent will be well versed in the ins and outs of policy requirements for your area.

Insurance is very complicated, having some one who is an expert at providing services and processing your claims is irreplaceable. It is also a good idea to use and agent since they can give you good advice on where to take your car for reliable service and affordable repair in the event of an accident.

The world has moved the majority of it payments to the online venue, however, cash is still king. Unlike online services, you can pay your insurance agent in cash for your monthly or yearly premiums.

Though most companies offer a verity of insurance packages, most only have their car insurance packages online. If you ant to avail a discount for multiple policies, you will have a need to deal with a live person.

Buying directly from the source

Using a company’s online service is quick and efficient. The convenience of purchasing a policy on your own time and at your own terms is something a lot of consumers love. When you deal with an agent, you have to work in daytime hours and wait for them to return your phone calls.

However, online, everything is automated and instant. A lot of companies also offer higher discounts for purchasing your policy online, this is because they don’t have to pay a middle man and can pass those saving directly to you. In addition, you can comparison shop in the matter of a few clicks, whereas an agent will only offer you their portfolio of offers.

How you decide to purchase your insurance really has to do with how fast you need your policy and how comfortable you are with both the online medium or in person dealings.