3 Incredibly Simple Tips to Get Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance

When it comes to protecting your car, a cheap full coverage auto insurance policy is without doubt the most secure auto insurance plan that you can choose. It provides protection to you and vehicle under nearly all possible types of circumstances giving you liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. You needn’t worry if your brand new Lexus is stolen, broken into or totalled in an accident. A liability cover ensures that if you are at fault in an accident, your insurance company pays for the damages caused to the other party.

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In addition to this, full coverage auto insurance policies also come bundled with additional options such as medical coverage, towing coverage and roadside assistance. There really is no aspect of driving which is left out. However, getting a ‘cheap’ full coverage auto insurance policy is not as easy as it seems. Here are 3 incredibly simple tips to obtain a cheap full coverage auto insurance policy:

Research till you drop dead!

Obviously, the first and foremost thing to do is to research. The catch with cheap full coverage auto insurance is that different companies have different definitions of “full coverage”. One company might be offering medical coverage on the standard package while another one might be offering only liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. Get your hands dirty in the technical details; it just might end up saving you a couple of thousands of dollars.
The best way to research is, clearly, the internet. There are plenty of auto insurance quotes websites where you can instantly put side by side various car insurance quotes from a whole host of insurance companies. All that is needed of you is to pop in your details such as the year, model and make of the car, the zip code of your state, etc. An added advantage of going online is that you do not have to rely on insurance brokers – middlemen who increase the price by cutting their commission.

Go for higher deductibles

Every insurance policy consists of ‘deductibles’ which is the amount you must pay before you can file for an insurance claim. It is a much known fact that if you go for high deductibles, you can save significantly. To illustrate, going in for 500$ in deductibles can bring down the insurance rate by almost 15%, and going for 1500$ in deductibles can bring it down by 40%! However, be ready to fork them out in the case of an accident.

Go for group insurance

Another simple trick to avail cheap full coverage auto insurance policies is to club it with other folks who want to buy a policy. If you go shopping with a group of people, insurance companies are usually willing to lower the price for individuals. Along with this, some insurance companies offer further discounts if you opt for multiple plans such as health or life insurance together with your car insurance.

Apart from this, maintaining a clean credit rating and availing discounts for low mileage on your car can also help in small ways in getting you a cheap full coverage auto insurance.

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