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5 Good Ways to Pay Your Insurance Premiums

There are so many things people have to remember everyday; there are also so many different recurring bills that need to be paid on a regular basis. Your insurance is one of those bills that can easily fall to the bottom of the pile since there isn’t a physical reminder that it exist and needs [...]

Do I need an agent to access different types of insurance?

In the past, you had to have an agent in order to purchase insurance. With the rising popularity of the internet and companies eagerness to take their services online, you can search and purchase insurance directly from the insurance companies. In fact, you no longer need an agent to get access to great insurance deals. [...]

Why Teenagers Are Considered High-Risk Drivers?

Teenage drivers are considered high-risk drivers the first few years they’re on the road. Teen drivers statistically hold the highest death rates on the road. People between the ages of 15 and 20 are responsible for 12.9-percent of all fatal crashes and 16-percent of these drivers are involved in police-reported accidents. Why are Percentages So [...]

Child Safety Seats

If you have children, it’s crucial that they are secured in the appropriate child safety seats. Keep in mind that it’s typically safer to transport children in the back of a car than in the front. It’s also critical to use car seats that are a good fit for each child’s age and weight. Why [...]


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Do I Need Insurance If I Have a Leased Car?

The answer is YES, you must have auto insurance on a leased car. The entity financing your vehicle, whether that’s a bank or an auto dealer will require you to carry collision and comprehensive insurance coverage. As insurance regulations vary from state to state, you may also have to carry additional coverage per state guidelines. [...]

Important Steps to Take When Buying Auto Insurance

You don’t want to pay for more than you need, but you’ll want more coverage than you can pay for if you get into a car accident. Surprisingly, many people do end-up paying higher rates than they should be-simply because they didn’t do their research before signing off on the policy. Finding the right car [...]

No Fault Insurance

No fault insurance is a term used to describe any car insurance system that requires you to carry auto insurance for your own protection. However, this insurance places certain limitations on your ability to sue others for damages. Under no fault insurance laws, your auto insurer will pay for any damages that you incurred, depending [...]

California Auto Insurance

There are two auto insurance coverage plans in the state of California; these are the basic and the optional or full coverage auto insurance. While the basic one is the legally required coverage plan, optional coverage will cover you in additional areas. California’s basic minimum coverage is $15, 000 of injury liability for every person, [...]

Nevada Auto Insurance

If you want to drive a vehicle in the state of Nevada, it is a must that you possess car insurance. Nevada, like other US states, has its own requirements for insurance. Hence, before you decide on getting one, you must learn more about all existing insurance laws in the state of Nevada. By doing [...]