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Car Insurance Discounts – Are you getting any?

A survey commissioned by Progressive, an auto insurance specialist, indicated that approximately forty percent of drivers in the United States are missing out on car insurance discounts. That translates to roughly 70 million motorists who are unable to avail of the benefits of insurance discounts for a variety of reasons. The said survey was conducted [...]

Use of Vehicle Greatly Affects Car Insurance Premiums

Generally, you do not have any idea how your car insurance premiums are computed by your insurer. There are factors that help an insurance company determine the risks that they take with you as a policyholder, such as your age, claim history, and location. While there are factors that affect insurance rates that you do [...]

We all think we know which cars are cheaper to insure, don’t we? Isn’t it obvious? Big and powerful vehicles have higher insurance premiums. The opposite is true for small cars, they are cheaper to insure. But are they really? Is the size of a vehicle and its engine the only factor here? Is it [...]

When it comes to auto insurance, most of us make mistakes. Lets face it – auto insurance is boring. We see it as a necessary evil that we just have to deal with. But is it possible that you can save time, money and get the coverage you need by avoiding these common mistakes? 1. [...]

Discover how you can easily reduce the risk of auto theft

Do you know what is worse than having your car stolen? Discovering that you are not covered and your car insurance policy won’t pay for your loss. Only last year, the cost of auto theft reached over $6 billion. Every minute at least 2 vehicles get stolen in America. Think about that – 2 cars [...]

Find out what you must do if in a car accident

By definition, motor vehicle collisions are certainly not a nice experience. You can count yourself lucky if you have not been involved in one until now. Statistically, most people will eventually file an insurance claim following a vehicle accident. Subject to the state you live in, in the event you cause too many crashes in [...]

Are you wondering if you should pay for full cover car insurance?

A lot of consumers are wondering if it is a solid idea to switch from full coverage to liability only insurance. Choosing automobile insurance can indeed be quite complicated. There can be a lot of options and terms that you are not familiar with. You can grasp automobile insurance a little better by familiarizing yourself [...]

Having your very own place to call ‘home’ has its advantages, but they come at a certain price. If you are not satisfied with that price at present, you can actually save money by reducing what you pay for your Texas home insurance. And the good news is you have a variety of ways to [...]