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5 Good Ways to Pay Your Insurance Premiums

There are so many things people have to remember everyday; there are also so many different recurring bills that need to be paid on a regular basis. Your insurance is one of those bills that can easily fall to the bottom of the pile since there isn’t a physical reminder that it exist and needs [...]

Not All Traffic Tickets Go on Record

The only ticket you can get slapped with and forget about after you’ve paid the fine is a parking ticket. Other tickets have the potential to hit you twice: the stress and fines associated with getting the ticket and the potential affect it can have on insurance premiums. Remember that laws vary from state to [...]

Auto Insurance for Teens – How to Save Money

Many studies provide grim statistics about teenage drivers. According to the IIHS, 16-year-olds experience almost six times more accidents that drivers between the age of 30 and 59. Some auto insurance firms have used these statistics and raised premiums for this age group. Fortunately, some auto insurance firms have hope for its young drivers in [...]

The Importance of Car Insurance for a Business

Some people do not realize that auto insurance covers a variety of vehicles, including cars driven for business-related reasons. Business owners who seek commercial vehicle coverage can choose among a few auto insurance firms. Before seeking this type of coverage, business owners should be aware different terms cover commercial vehicles compared to personal vehicles. It [...]

Common Costly Auto Insurance Mistakes

It is typical for auto insurance buyers to make compromises when it comes to the coverage as well as the cost of the insurance plan being considered. There are instances when these compromises are being wrongly undertaken. Buyers may bring their costs to levels lower than what is acceptable or comfortable. This can lead to [...]

Senior Auto Insurance

There are auto insurance policies meant for seniors that are truly affordable. This can be availed in a number of ways. For instance, some auto insurance companies automatically offer discounts on their insurance policies. Likewise, there are low insurance premium rates for those who pose low risks of getting into any road accident and making [...]

Why Get Auto Collision Insurance

Every car owner should anticipate the possibility of incurring damages on the vehicle he or she owns. Damages, for instance, can result from traffic or road accidents. That is why it is important to obtain auto collision insurance. An auto collision insurance plan is not mandatory in the United States but it is a very [...]

How to Ensure a Hassle-Free Insurance Claim

Auto insurance policy holders should always remember that claiming for insurance benefits may not be an easy task. In most cases, it is way easier availing of an insurance policy than getting the promised benefits after a damage or accident has happened. Naturally, customers would want to get the most payout or insurance claim possible [...]

Learning More about Your Car Insurance

If you drive your own car, you need car insurance. This is why it is must that you learn more about it. You have to know what you pay when you send your monthly premiums to your insurer. With a bit of research, you obtain a better knowledge on how you get protection from your [...]

Tickets that Don’t Raise Your Insurance Rates

Apparently, the only traffic violation ticket you can pay and forget is the parking ticket. Every other ticket served for the violation of a traffic regulation is bound to end up in a double whammy. First, there’s the immediate stress and tension upon receiving ticket. Next, you would have to deal with the implications—probably the [...]