Car Insurance Discounts – Are you getting any?

A survey commissioned by Progressive, an auto insurance specialist, indicated that approximately forty percent of drivers in the United States are missing out on car insurance discounts. That translates to roughly 70 million motorists who are unable to avail of the benefits of insurance discounts for a variety of reasons.

Hmm... am I missing out on discounts?

The said survey was conducted by Harris Interactive through telephone with a sample of over a thousand American adults. It was done in August of 2011 and was aimed at coming up with statistics that would show the estimated number of Americans who could have had savings on their car insurance costs through discount programs.

It was found in the survey that drivers who spent less time driving but were driving more safely during hours that were deemed to be safer were the ones who were most likely to earn or obtain benefits from insurance discounts.

Other survey findings include the following:

  • Approximately five in every ten motorists claim that they drive less than 12,000 miles on average for every given year. This figure is notably lower than the national average being pegged at 13,476 miles a year.
  • Around 84% of the surveyed drivers consider themselves to be cautious or defensive drivers.
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 or 88% of drivers do not or rarely drive between midnight and four in the morning. 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM is the period generally considered to be the most dangerous for driving.

Considering the above mentioned figures and findings, it can be deduced that nearly 4 in every ten (or 39%) drivers in the United States may be qualified for car insurance discounts. That means around 70.4 million drivers or car owners who are mandated to secure auto insurance. Progressive, moreover, adds that the real number of American drivers who are already availing of safe driving discounts is still unknown or uncertain. Nevertheless, it is clear that not every driver or those qualified to claim such discounts are taking advantage of them.

"I saved $$$ just by asking for discounts"

In a news release, Richard Hutchinson, an executive at Progressive, opined that good drivers should be entitled to lower costs for their car insurance and that is something everybody can agree on.

It would certainly be a big waste to just disregard the discount opportunities being made available since several car insurance companies offer them regularly and quite generously.

As an example, Progressive has a program that provides incentives to safe drivers. The program is called “Snapshot” and it offers up to thirty percent of discounts to safe drivers. Progressive claims that customers who have been under their Snapshot program were 20% less likely to be given a ticket for violating traffic regulations and were 10% less likely to be involved in accidents than those who are not under the Snapshot program.

Progressive further states that Snapshot discounts are anchored on a scheme that provides for real-time monitoring of an insurance policy holder’s driving habits. This is made possible by the installation of a device into a car’s data port.