Discover Which Cars Are Cheaper To Insure


We all think we know which cars are cheaper to insure, don’t we? Isn’t it obvious? Big and powerful vehicles have higher insurance premiums. The opposite is true for small cars, they are cheaper to insure.

But are they really? Is the size of a vehicle and its engine the only factor here? Is it possible that a mid sized car is more expensive to insure than a mini van?

Here is the real truth. SUVs and mini vans are the cheapest vehicles to insure. Why?

There are a number of reasons.

Cars, just like humans, have accident history. As you know, a driver with a clean record will enjoy cheaper auto insurance. Cars involved in fewer accidents will have cheaper insurance too.

And who drives SUVs? Families. Can you imagine a mother, taking her kids to school, recklessly speeding on a busy road? Its unlikely. On the other hand, teenage drivers, who cause more accident than anyone else, usually driver smaller vehicles. It isn’t very cool to park in front of the school in a mini van, is it.

Safety is another important issue here. SUVs and mini vans are often full of safety features. Again, if most of the people who drive them are families, safety will be an important issue. All parents want to drive their kids in cars with air-bags and good safety score.

Another reason they are cheaper is the depreciation and repair value. Its cheaper to fix an American or Japanese SUV, than a German sedan.

Next time you are buying a car and want to save money on auto insurance, think about it carefully. Yes, SUVs and mini vans may not be that cool and sexy. But they are safe and cheaper to insure. That must count for something.